One Piece Thousand Sunny Pirates Straw Hat Candy Toys

One Piece Thousand Sunny Pirates Straw Hat Candy Toys

One Piece Straw Hat Dream Pirate Ship Thousand Sunny set 5 box

kondisi : 
Baru, Bandai 2009
1 Animation Anniversary 
Box sudah ada yg dibuka 1, tp masih segel plastik

Weight: 0.4kgs
Package Size: 6cm x 26cm x 24cm
Manufactured by: Bandai
Release Date: Tuesday 30 November, 1999

Description : 

This is a series of gashapon (capsule toys) or trading figures depicting characters or people.

The entire Straw Hat Pirates crew and their ship Thousand Sunny sail into fans' collections in this cool trading item offering that features five fun blocks that can be combined into one huge model of the adventure-bound pirate ship! The five blocks with mini pirate crew figures include Luffy & bow block, Chopper & Brook & medical office block, Zoro & Sanji & restaurant block, Usopp & Franky & workshop block, and Nami & Robin & aquarium lounge block. The completed ship will measure 25cm tall by 24cm long. Each box of 10 consists of two of each block, so you get to build two awesome Thousand Sunny ships!


Release Date:Oct 2009

Series:One Piece

Item Size/Weight:40.5cm x 24.5cm x 14.5cm / 1840g